Is the Wyse-150 a good performer under Xenix?

Larry Dighera root at conexch.UUCP
Mon Oct 23 04:51:13 AEST 1989

Is there anyone who has first hand experience with the Wyse-150 terminal?

I was told by a technician at Wyse that it is fully compatible with
the Wyse-60 terminal with the exception of the box drawing characters;
he indicated that it had "hidden attributes" like the Wyse-60.  The
Wyse-150 literature doesn't mention the hidden attributes.  This 
capability seems critical for use on UNIX systems.  The cost of the Wyse-150
is significantly less than the Wyse-60.  That usually means less
functionality.  How useful will it's PC compatibility be under Xenix?

Larry Dighera

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