Is the Wyse-150 a good performer under Xenix?

Bob Willey bob at consult.UUCP
Wed Oct 25 22:21:34 AEST 1989

In article <39400 at conexch.UUCP> root at conexch.UUCP (Larry Dighera) writes:
>Is there anyone who has first hand experience with the Wyse-150 terminal?
>I was told by a technician at Wyse that it is fully compatible with
>the Wyse-60 terminal with the exception of the box drawing characters;
>he indicated that it had "hidden attributes" like the Wyse-60.  The
>Wyse-150 literature doesn't mention the hidden attributes.  This 
>capability seems critical for use on UNIX systems.  The cost of the Wyse-150
>is significantly less than the Wyse-60.  That usually means less
>functionality.  How useful will it's PC compatibility be under Xenix?

We have several Wyse 150's inhouse (replacing Wyse 60's).
So far, we have experienced no problems.  We are using them in 
native mode and still using the Wyse 60 termcaps.  We
are running WordPerfect Office, WordPerfect, SCO Professional,
FoxBase 2.1+, RealWorld, and a whole slew of other things.
Have experienced no problem to date (About 2 months now).
The Wyse 150's are about 70% compatible according to Wyse
tech support.  What commands they have are identical to the
Wyse 60, they just don't have all the extra commands.
Hope this helps.
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