UNIX Driver for Roland MPU-401-IPC

Dennis S. Breckenridge root at nebulus.UUCP
Thu Apr 12 23:58:12 AEST 1990

tjt at cbnewsh.ATT.COM (timothy.j.thompson) writes:

>What kind of system were you running it on?  On a 20Mhz 386 it keeps pretty
>good time for an arbitrarily long time, as long as the system has sufficient
>memory to prevent paging and is otherwise idle (e.g. uucico doesn't start up).

I have tried it on a AT&T 6386 16mhz, AT&T 6386E 20mhz, Consensys 386 25mhz.
It's more than a context switch that knocks the timing out. As it starts 
chewing up the CPU it gets less run time. I have tried it with a Caching
disk controller and did see an improvment. 
SysVR4 has a millitick function that times out at a kernel tick as opposed
to a process tick. This will give 1/100 of a second resolution. Your right
about trying to use it on stage. I too, wait for the SVR4 version, what you
have written so far is excellent!
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