Error-correcting modems & uucp

Paul Nash paul at frcs.UUCP
Wed Apr 11 03:45:13 AEST 1990

In article <963 at frcs.UUCP>, paul at frcs.UUCP (Paul Nash) (ME) writes:
> I have a pair of v22bis MNP4-compatible modems ...
> ... advantages or disadvantages to using MNP on top of (under?) uucp.
> Should I lock the interface at 9600 and use RTS/CTS flow control ...

I have conducted a few (_very_ few) tests, with no line-condition
checking, so don't take these results as accurate, but:

file xfer (uucp-g) 7168 bytes (average of about 5 each type & each way):
	dte interface 2400 bps, no mnp (v22bis):	214 cps
	dte interface 2400 bps, MNP4 (v22bis):		214 cps
	dte interface 9600 bps, MNP4 (v22bis):		148 cps
>From this I _assume_ that MNP4 doesn't hurt (the modems don't do 
MNP5++). It also seems that a fast dte speed on a slow (and cheap)
modem (Octocomm osi8224a) can only hurt! This is slightly at odds
with some of the network users' experience, so maybe I'm doing
something wrong (like using Xenix?).

> Any experiences greatfully received. Either post to the net if you
> think that there is sufficient interest (I think that it is, which is
> why I am posting :-), or e-mail me and I will summarise.

To those who have responded so far (both net & mail), many thanks. I
_will_ summarise, but also want to do some tests to include with the
summary, and I am being delayed 'cos the T2500 is still clearing
customs (they promised it out yesterday, so ...). However, I _will_
summarise (promise!).
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