X Window System under AT&T UNIX S5R3

George W. Erhart gwe at cbnews.ATT.COM
Mon Apr 9 11:42:49 AEST 1990

Can any one out their help me ...

I work for AT&T ... and I use their (our?) X window package on a 
AT&T 386 work station. I currently have a VDC600 (Paradise VGA 16+)
and am able to run at 800x600x16. AT&T also offers a VDC900 (Matrox
1280C) at 1280x1024x256. The latter system adds ~$4500 to the price of
a system and consumes a very large amount of real estate on a desk.
The 5D or sony 1953 monitors are huge. 

What I need to know is:

  Is there another combination of display card and monitor that can
be used to produce a 1024x768x16 system that could run under AT&T's
Unix S5R3.2.2 and Openlook 2.0?

  In particular, can we purchase the X window system from ICS or SCO and
use it under AT&T's UNIX? I understand that they have extensive support for
various display cards.

Thanks in advance ...

George Erhart
AT&T Bell Laboratories

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