SCSI for IBM PS2 Mod 80

John W. DeBoskey jwd at sas.UUCP
Fri Apr 13 04:32:29 AEST 1990

Hello all,

   I currently have a Model 80 with the 71 meg hard drive. ie. 80-071
I've been thinking about putting another hard disk in, but apparently,
a regular ESDI drive will not plug into the IBM ESDI controller. Well,
instead of loosing my current HD and controller, I've thought about
going with SCSI. Will this work under Interactive 1.0.6 ??? Is there
anything wrong with just popping in the contoller card and HD beside
my current controller and disk?  Will 1.0.6 know what to do with
both controller cards? Any info is greatly appreciated!!

jwd at sas.UUCP     (w)!sas!jwd       (919) 677-8000 x6915
jwd at baggins.UUCP (h)!baggins!jwd (919) 481-1057 (preferred)

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