ESIX, X11, problems, xque.h

Ross Biro bir7 at portia.Stanford.EDU
Thu Apr 12 07:57:15 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr11.145044.2580 at jdyx.UUCP> tpf at jdyx.UUCP (Tom Friedel) writes:
>I've got a developer copy of Esix Rev C, 4 meg, AST 386/33.
>Can't get X11 to run for more than about 5 seconds.  Locks
>the machine up.  Tech support couldn't help, but I gave them
Try mkpart -v disk0 to look for bad sectors.  I was having a similiar problem,
but not so bad since I have 8 meg, and it eventually occurred to me that the
problem was with the Hard drive.  mkpart -v told me that there were bad
sectors in my swap partition.  The problem hasn't gone away completely.  But
now it takes a lot more than just X to crash my system.

	Ross Biro bir7 at

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