Problems with 386/ix TCP/IP on PS/2

Jim Fenton fenton at wjvax.UUCP
Tue Apr 10 08:29:01 AEST 1990

I am running into a roadblock getting TCP/IP running under 386/ix on my
PS/2.  The problem is apparently caused by the fact that, when Western
Digital upgraded their Microchannel Ethernet board (WDLAN-EP-A) to surface
mount, there was some unanticipated software impact as well, and the new
driver will not be available from Interactive for two months.  I am running
out of options!  Here are the ones I've considered so far:

1. Use the Interlan Ethernet board instead.  I hear that this driver (for
their Microchannel board) doesn't work either.

2. Look for an old version of the WD Ethernet board.  WD was unable to find
one for me.

Other options I can think of:

1. Return Interactive 386/ix and the WD boards and buy instead SCO (or
other) Unix and other boards.  Possible, but a large hassle.

2. Wait two months.  My project schedule will not allow this.

A side comment:  Interactive tech support was unable (through my
distributor) to tell me about the WD board problem; I had to call Finland
(thanks Petri)!  Interactive then confirmed it as if they knew all along.
This doesn't give me a lot of confidence in their support...

Any suggestions?


Jim Fenton, Watkins-Johnson Company, San Jose, CA  408 435-1400
fenton%wjvax at     or      pyramid!wjvax!fenton

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