Ethernet Cards for PC and Unix

Pete Alleman pja at ralph.Lafayette.LA.US
Wed Apr 11 12:51:21 AEST 1990

I'm looking for an Ethernet board for an IBM-PC compatible
running Interactive 386/ix.  Which is the best board for high
performance (with Unix driver availabe)?  My only experience is
with the WD 8003E.  I would assume that there are better cards.

Is anyone running Western Digital's 16 bit Ethernet card?
Interactive does not have a driver for this board, but Western
Digital has a driver on their bbs.  Anyone tried it?

I've been trying to get a WD 8003S Starlan card working with my
employers network.  It drops most of the packets.  The thruput
is so low that a 300 baud serial line is faster.  All the other
equipment on the network is from Hewlett Packard.  Is there a known
problem with mixing Western Digital and Hewlett Packard?

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