open /dev/mem to control hardware devices

Bruce M Ong DeadHead at
Sun Apr 8 07:28:48 AEST 1990

>>	JFAX deals with the rest of the world through a 2K memory buffer
>>whose offset address you can set. Instead of writing a device driver for it,
>>I would like to know how one could just open /dev/mem to map to the 2K
>You're a little late :-) We've been doing it for over a year on SCO Xenix,
>SCO Unix and ISC will be available shortly.
>There is one other company called PC Research that has had a similiar
>product available for ISC since last summer.
	I am getting the PC research package (hi rick!), but I am not sure
if it will let me send a fax withou dialing a number, and receive a fax
without having a ring first. (and these things are what I need to control the

>The biggest advantage/disadvantage that the Hayes card has is that it does
>rendering for you. But it doesn't do an exceptionally good job and it run's
>slower (ie takes longer to send the fax) if it has to do the rendering.

	That brings up an interesting question: how much time does it take
for JTFAX to send a text file of say 80 colums by 60 lines full text?  
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