Need information on VP/IX or DosMerge ability

Tim W Smith ts at
Sat Apr 7 23:14:41 AEST 1990

DOS under Unix on the 286 is very different from DOS under Unix on the
386.  It is not at all surprising that a company such as AT&T would
chose one company to supply their 286 product and another for their
386 product.

Besides, different companies did the original ports.  V.2 for the 286
was done by DRI, with Locus doing the DOS support.  V.3 for the 386 was
done by INTERactive and Intel, with INTERactive doing the DOS support.
( V.3 for the 286 was also done by INTERactive, but everyone involved
( INTERactive, Intel, and AT&T ) came to their senses and realized that
the world would be a better place if V.3 stayed off the 286 ).  So why
shouldn't different companies have done the DOS emulators?

						Tim Smith

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