extended file names

David C. Miller dcm at moria.UUCP
Fri Apr 6 23:18:52 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr2.230603.2687 at i88.isc.com> stevea at i88.isc.com (Steve Alexander) writes:
>The version of V.4 that I'm using only seems to be able to boot from
>S5 or the BFS (boot file system, called /stand).  I couldn't boot new kernels
>from a UFS root, they had to be copied to /stand.
>Steve Alexander, Software Technologies Group    | stevea at i88.isc.com
>INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation, Naperville, IL | ...!{sun,ico}!laidbak!stevea

What you have seen is the motivation behind the creation of the BFS
file system.  The BFS filesystem allows you to have a root filesystem
of any type without the bootstrap having to know how to read it.
I'm guessing that the boot off of S5 was done with a floppy?  I'm
not familiar with the i386 port, just the 3B2.  On the 3B2 you can boot
off the /stand (BFS) filesystem or off the floppy (BFS or S5).

Without BFS, you would need to rewrite the bootstrap every time you
added a new filesystem type.

David C. Miller

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