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Sat Apr 14 01:24:28 AEST 1990

> Dr. Tanner Andrews asks (and I reply because it is of general
> >) shared libraries
> >Which manual will explain more about these?  I find nothing of note
> >(a passing reference in release notes is all I found) and have for
> >some time been wondering
> >	(1) how to construct one of these
> >	(2) how to link my programs to use one of these
> >
> >You might want to post answers, or at least references, to the
> >comp.unix.xenix newsgroups.

If you are using Intel System V/386 Release 3.2, you can find information

	"Programmers Guide, Volume II" Chapter 8 pp 8-1 to 8-59

    -- Andy Crump

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