Error-correcting modems & uucp

Paul Nash paul at frcs.UUCP
Sat Apr 7 02:22:45 AEST 1990

I am about to get a Telebit T2500, and have a few questions about this
fairly complex beastie.

Obviously, the T2500 has uucp spoofing if connected to another PEP
modem, and will run its own error correction between modems. The SCO-
supplied dialTBIT (I use Xenix, for my sins) runs the link between
modem and computer at 19200 bps, with hardware flow control.

However, when I use the Telebit with non-PEP modems (v22bis, say)
should I lock the interface at 19200 and use hardware flow control for
the speed conversion, or should I let the port change speeds down to
2400 bps or whatever?

In addition, I have a pair of v22bis MNP4-compatible modems. At present
I run them as dumb modems (AT&E0), and would like to know whether there
are advantages or disadvantages to using MNP on top of (under?) uucp.
Should I lock the interface at 9600 and use RTS/CTS flow control, or is
it better to leave the modem as I have at present, and ignore the fact
that it has MNP? Obviously, for normal tty-type work, it is better to
use MNP (if the remote supports it) in an attempt to defeat line noise.
Just what is the optimal setup for this, and for the modem when left
for dial-in work?

Any experiences greatfully received. Either post to the net if you
think that there is sufficient interest (I think that it is, which is
why I am posting :-), or e-mail me and I will summarise.

 ...!uunet!ddsw1!proxima!frcs!paul                paul at frcs.UUCP

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