Ethernet Cards for PC and Unix

John Weald john at
Thu Apr 12 07:34:27 AEST 1990

In article <1850 at ralph.Lafayette.LA.US> pja at ralph.Lafayette.LA.US (Pete Alleman) writes:
>Is anyone running Western Digital's 16 bit Ethernet card?
>Interactive does not have a driver for this board, but Western
>Digital has a driver on their bbs.  Anyone tried it?

We use here. We used to have problems with the driver/card locking up 
under heavy load, but we are now running version 1.11 of the driver which
has fixed the problem.

If you get the Host Based TCP/IP package from ISC the WD driver comes bundled
with it, although its an old version of the driver (1.3???).
John Weald, Touch Communications, Campbell, CA

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