bsd 4.4 unix on the 386!?!

Rich Seligson rich at aggie.UUCP
Thu Apr 5 23:59:57 AEST 1990

In article <113700002 at> thomas at writes:
>... nasty rumor ... which alleges that one of the release
>platforms for bsd 4.4 unix will be the intel 386 processor?
> ...
>think about it!  virtually free unix, with all the goodies, including
>unix SOURCE for us folks who like to get into the kernel!  

Not quite free.  I looked into getting BSD for a PDP-11 that someone
was giving away.  True the OS was cheap, but you needed an AT&T source
code license first.  That costs $65,000 for the first CPU!  Granted,
if you work for an institution that already has an AT&T source code
license, you may be covered by that license.

My info is ~1 year old, but I don't expect that anything changed.


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