VP/ix and EE Designer Protection

at adec23.uucp at adec23.uucp
Wed Apr 11 05:13:43 AEST 1990

I am running Xenix 386GT 2.3.2 with VP/ix 1.1.0 update A. I wish to run EE
Designer III. I have contacted both SCO (for Xenix) and Visionics (for EE
Designer) and all I get is `pass the buck' responses. EE Designer for the
uninitiated, is a CAD/CAM system for PC Board production that runs on a
80[0123]86 base under DOS. I would like to run the EE Designer under VP/ix
so that I can maintain a multiple tasking environment os that I can also
provide software development.

I can run EE Designer in Demo Mode under VP/ix with mouse problems
(periodically stops listening to the mouse) and crashes (Protection Violation).
The Full Designer will NOT run because it interogates the parallel port (in
a bi-directional mode) for a hardware protection device. The current parallel
port driver is inappropriate (despite what SCO says) for this kind of service.
SCO tells me to get a driver from Visionics. Visionics knows that a driver is
necessary, but claims that they are not responsible for providing it. This is
not solving my problem. I had statements that it would run under a DOS
emulator from a visionics representative :-{

If there is any wisdom out there with respect to these three problems, I would
greatly appreciate it. Thanks in Advance.

-- Mark Salyzyn  alberta!adec23!mark

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