Xsight and EtherCard Plus - problems

Harri Valkama LAKE hv at uwasa.fi
Thu Apr 12 00:07:48 AEST 1990

I have had troubles with Xsight and EtherCard
plus. I have installed Xsight and Locus (controlled
release) TCPIP for DOS v2.0 but I don't get telnet
connection to my Unix host. I have tried everything
I can. Card works alright with NCSA Telnet but not
with this Locus Telnet. When I try to connect it
answers 'Trying...' but after a little while it
responds 'Timed out' and stops. Addresses are right,
I've tried also different IRQs. It is evident that
my COM2 uses same IRQ as EtherCard (that is 3) but
I have also tried 5 and 7. Same results.

Help, anybody?

		Harri Valkama (hv at uwasa.fi, hv at funic.funet.fi)
		       University of Vaasa, Finland 
     ftp site chyde.uwasa.fi ( PC & Mac directories 
    ftp site funic.funet.fi ( Atari ST & Mac directories

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