Using two different gettys under Xenix

Aris Stathakis aris at tabbs.UUCP
Mon Apr 9 22:08:08 AEST 1990

The title says it all:

Is it possible to use two different gettys under SCO Xenix 2.3.2?

I'd like to use one of the PD getty's for my modem line and the standard
one for the console and terminals.  Since XENIX doesn't use /etc/inittab,
how can I do it?

Is there possibly a PD implementation of init for Xenix that will allow
me to use /etc/inittab instead of /etc/ttys?

And finally,  I'd like some recomendations on various flavors of getty
out there.  I'd like something that allows brain-dead end users to log
in without having to press BREAK or ENTER to cycle speeds.  Theoretically
a constant speed interface modem would fix this, but I've never tried.

Thanks in advance.

Please mail replies to aris at tabbs.UUCP and i'll summarize.

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