Using two different gettys under Xenix

Richard Goerwitz goer at sophist.uucp
Wed Apr 11 01:46:31 AEST 1990

In article <1590 at tabbs.UUCP> aris at tabbs.UUCP (Aris Stathakis) writes:
>Is it possible to use two different gettys under SCO Xenix 2.3.2?
>I'd like to use one of the PD getty's for my modem line and the standard
>one for the console and terminals.  Since XENIX doesn't use /etc/inittab,
>how can I do it?
>Is there possibly a PD implementation of init for Xenix that will allow
>me to use /etc/inittab instead of /etc/ttys?

If this reply seems a little disjointed, it's because my four year-old
son is sitting on my lap.

What you need to do is write a program that sits between init and getty,
and which reads an inittab file of your own choosing, and then overlays
itself with whatever getty program that inittab file says it should over-
lay itself with.  Since init reads the /etc/ttys file, and only spawns
a getty to lines that have been enabled there, you don't need to implement
a full replacement inittab file.  Just set up a file somewhere that lists
the tty file, the command to be spawned, and the arguments to be passed.
Then create a new getty which reads it and takes the appropriate actions.
Please save the old getty program.  You could, of course, get a new init
command, but the above solution is really much easier.

You'll always have a way into your system while you debug your program
because Xenix, when booting, will let you go right into system maintenance
mode if you want (no getty; just a shell).  I have some code if you want
it which does what you need.

SCO has promised a full integration of telinit/inittab and enable/tty ap-
proaches in a future release of Xenix.  Since there really aren't going
to be any future releases to speak of, I'd say you're on your own.

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