X Windows and UNIX 386 compatibility

Guy Harris guy at auspex.auspex.com
Sun Apr 8 06:07:16 AEST 1990

>The System V 386 ABI allows me to accomplish this - my binary runs
>unchanged on all compliant versions.

Are you talking S5R3 or S5R4?  In at least some cases I've seen "ABI"
used for S5R4-based interfaces and "BCS" used for S5R3-based interfaces,
but I don't know if that's the case here....

>My questions are:
>-	Is there any "standard" method of IPC between the client
>	Xlib and the X-server? Or does each vendor (AT&T,
>	Interactive, SCO, etc.) simply pick an IPC mechanism when
>	they do the server/library port on their version of the OS?

For S5R4, the question may not be relevant if Xlib is a shared library,
since binary programs won't include the code that does the IPC - it'll
link to it at run-time.  (It may also be true for S5R3 as well, if Xlib
is a shared library.  The difference is that I think all S5R4-based ABIs
include dynamic linking as an integral part, and are based on dynamic
linking, although I don't know that they *insist* that Xlib be a shared

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