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Martin Schulte schulte at
Tue Apr 10 22:48:00 AEST 1990

A while a ago, Alan M. Carroll(carroll at wrote:

>This is a followup concerning slow printing under 386/ix 2.0.2:
.(Theories about technical details)
>Problem: Printing on lp0 with 386/ix is very slow and bursty.
>Solution: Install another parallel card, and move printing there.

I had the same problem on one of my two 386-boxes, but the problem
couldn't be fixed by by the above mentioned solution.

Instead we found out that the problems begin after I started the
ttymap(1, in the Operating System Guide). Even with 
/usr/lib/keyboard/ as argument, the problem occured.
With a self-defined map things went even worse, suddenly my
MicroGnu (gnu-emacs downward compatible editor), the screen driver
blocked so that I was forced to reboot. So I concluded that the
ttymap program shouldn't be used. Without ttymap, even the
paralell port on my Hercules card worked fine (==fast).

For those of you who *really* need a keyboard remapping(Germans, French
and other aliens), I suggest to use ioctl with KDSKBENT argument,
description is found in keyboard(7, in the Operating System Guide).
This can't do character composing and those things ttymap should be able
to do, but it seems to work.

I just did a simple hack, those who don't want to to rewrite their own
mapping program from scratch can write me a little note and I'll send
them my hacked C-program(certainly without comments, but nevertheless
more or less readable (may be copied free, even for commercial use, 
provided the authors name is *NOT* included))

Hope it helps, Martin

Martin Schulte
Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of Cologne/Germany

Internet: schulte at

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