Programmable characters under 386/x

Petri Alhola petri at digiw.UUCP
Mon Apr 9 21:52:39 AEST 1990

In article <1990Mar26.042151.1852 at> paul at (Paul Gillingwater) writes:
>I have a system running ISC 386/ix 2.02, plus a SCO UNIX system at
>work.  I need to be able to reprogram the console character generator,
>in order to display characters with macrons over them (i.e. for a 
>language that uses "long" vowels, e.g.
> _
>Maori  ( equates with "Maaori")
	The Interactive systems update disc X6 contains fix to ttymap
	and loadload utility that loads stantard X11 bdf fonts into
	EGA and VGA character generator. The fontload also dumps font
	into bdf file, that can be edited. If you like to edit new characters
	there is in stantard X11 source distribution program called xfed.ncd
	that can be used to edit bdf fonts.

	Petri Alhola
	petri at

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