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Dennis S. Breckenridge root at nebulus.UUCP
Wed Apr 11 12:47:31 AEST 1990

In article <156 at cms2.UUCP> alan at cms2.UUCP (Alan McCain) writes:
> memory in their system.  They said that when their system goes into swap it
> never seems to come out of it completely, even when everyone logs off.  I
> have the same situation.  Whey does this happen and can it be fixed?
When a paging system fires up a bunch of processes, a "few" pages of 
each process is stored on the swap device to allow the system to grab
the next block of memory from contiguous disk instead of of a fragmented
one. When you are logged off there are several processes still running
namely getty, init, cron, vhandler, etc. This is normal. If memory is
a problem BUY MORE memory! A rule of thumb for the 386 machines running
a UNIX (not Xenix) kernel is 4 megs for o/s and 1 meg for every Simultask
user. If all of your apps are *nix, then take your best guess, you are
safe with 1 meg per user. 

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