Unix Assembler for AT&T 6386E System V R 3.2

Eugene E. Galarneau eeg at revere.UUCP
Thu Apr 12 03:45:11 AEST 1990

Hello.  Does anyone know which Assembler is used for the Unix
Assembler on a AT&T 6386E running System V R 3.2...???  I've
tried disassembling some "C" programs and it don't look like
the standard Intel i386 type of assembler.  It looks to be
more of the PDP 11/70 type.  Does anyone really know?  Is there
any documentation for this assembler somewhere?  Where can I
get the documentation for it?

Please respond by mail.  No Flames Please!!!!  Thankyou in advance
for any help that can be provided.

					one uuxqt away...

					Eugene E. Galarneau
					V.P. of Engineering
					Revere Computers Corporation

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