Error-correcting modems & uucp

Chip Rosenthal chip at chinacat.Unicom.COM
Wed Apr 11 14:20:33 AEST 1990

In article <967 at frcs.UUCP> paul at frcs.UUCP (Paul Nash) writes:
>	dte interface 2400 bps, MNP4 (v22bis):		214 cps
>	dte interface 9600 bps, MNP4 (v22bis):		148 cps

What you are probably seeing is the overhead of (a possibly poorly
implemented) flow control.  Some of the recent messages in these groups
have been dancing around a point, but I'm not sure anybody has flat out
said it:

    For uucico you do not want flow control; for interactive users
    you do want flow control.

If you want to do both, then you have to make a compromise:  throughput
vs dropped chars.

If you want to test the flow control theory, you could split out the
transmitting vs receiving stats.  I would expect that the receive times
would be close, and it's mostly transmit where you are seeing the hit.
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