ISC Mail fixes

Jim Gottlieb jimmy at
Fri Apr 13 17:37:42 AEST 1990

Interactive has a "Sendmail Fix" available.  I notice that some of
these were included in the TCP/IP package I purchased recently.

Quoting now (from doc's dated 03/21/90):

--Sendmail upgraded to version 5.61
    -added security for network access
    -support for MX (mail exchange) records
    -resolver routines to access a nameserver
    -allows local debugging trace but disallows remote trace
    -three additional files are included allowing different
       configuration options

--Berkeley style rmail is included as an alternative to smail

--smail upgraded to version 2.5
    -improved configurability
    -support for full names in database

Bugs fixed include:

Errors in defaults fixed

sendmail will no longer core dump while processing large messages

Several problems with how /bin/mail handled "From" lines have been fixed

/etc/syslog.conf has been changed so that sendmail debugging and error 
messages are now sent to /usr/spool/mqueue/syslog

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