problem with DOS partition mounting

Robert Lacoste rlacoste at
Mon Apr 9 17:50:22 AEST 1990

	Hi networkers,

	A friend had a strange problem with 386ix : After a mount of a DOS 
	partition with 
		mount -f DOS /dev/0p1 /mnt

	He tried to copy 2Mb of files from unix to dos with a "cp".
	In the middle of the copy, he got the following message on console :
		"Error allocation table" 

	but the copy was still going on (he had enough room on its DOS 
	partition).  Back to DOS, he found a DOS file system entirely 
	scrambled, and was'nt able to get it back (reformat needed).

	Is this problem well known ? Could it be related with the DOS 4.01 
	file allocation table format ? With bad sectors in the DOS area ?
	(he use an ESDI drive with WD1007SA2). Is the <dosput> command more 
	secure ?  

	Any help will be greatly appreciated !

		Thanks for reading.		Robert Lacoste.

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