Dialogic D40 cards and Interactive 386

Dan Rich drich at dialogic.dialogic.com
Wed Apr 11 05:25:34 AEST 1990

In article <28700 at cup.portal.com> DeadHead at cup.portal.com (Bruce M Ong) writes:
> does anybody know if the dialogic voice card (d40) will run on the
> interactive i386? I know they have a voice driver for the AT&T unix 386,
> but i wonder if it will work on interactive.  And if the dialogic card 
> wont run, is there a voice processing card that will? I am looking for a 
> voice card for the InterActive that will 1) decode DTMF, 2) play a voice file,
> 3) record a voice 4) dial out 5) wait for ring.
> Thanks much!
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> bruce
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>     creat (sic) the world"

Our current release of the device driver will run on vanilla AT&T 3.1
or later, ISC 386/ix 2.0.1 or later, and we've recently qualified it
on SCO UNIX Rel. 3.2 version 1.

One note though, our current install script needs a minor hack to get the
installpkg to work properly on ISC and SCO. (Problem with naming diffrences
between packages). Our next release will correct this problem.

The current product supports our 4 channel (D/4x) and 2 channel (D/2x) family
of cards.  We will be soon releasing a version which supports our 12 channel
version (D/12x).

We also now have available an application note benchmarking 24 and 48
channel systems.

Feel free to Email me for more technical info, and I will forward your
questions on to those who can answer them.  Or, you can call our sales
office at (201) 334-8450

Hope this helps

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