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Roger Knopf 5502 rogerk at sco.COM
Thu Apr 12 09:13:43 AEST 1990

Dr. Tanner Andrews asks (and I reply because it is of general
>) shared libraries
>Which manual will explain more about these?  I find nothing of note
>(a passing reference in release notes is all I found) and have for
>some time been wondering
>	(1) how to construct one of these
>	(2) how to link my programs to use one of these
>You might want to post answers, or at least references, to the
>comp.unix.xenix newsgroups.

First, a little explanation: If you have SCO Xenix 386 release 2.3,
you can run programs that use shared libraries, but there is no
facility in the Xenix Development System to create one or to
create the library itself. For that, you need Unix and the Unix
Development System.

To create a shared library, look in the man page mkshlib(CP). Since
I have never done one, I am not going to attempt to further lead the

To use it, refer to it on your cc line the same way that you would
refer to a normal library. Once created it is treated in all ways
like a standard library.

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