Cross compilers/EPROM burners/Real Time execs under S5/386

Stephen M. Youndt steve at hacker.UUCP
Fri Apr 13 10:28:37 AEST 1990

It was bound to happen sooner or later:

I want to do some real time systems work at home (for the fun of it :-). Being
that this is for home, I want to spend as little as possible on it.

First I need a cross development system (preferably C, but assembler will do)
that can generate ROMable code for a fairly inexpensive micro processor
(80186, 8086, Z-80, 8051, etc).

After that I need an EPROM burner (RS-232 preferably) that has software that
works under S5 (Esix & Bell Tech) for some of the more popular EPROMs.  
Nothing flashy, just functional.

Last, I need to find a ROMable realtime exec for the above types of processors
(source code preferred [C or Assembler]).

I'll do as much hacking as I have to to get this stuff to work, and spend 
what's necessary to get a workable combination (within reason).  E-mail
answers (or queries about what the heck I'm up to) directly to me at
uunet!hacker!steve.  Thanks in advance.
|Stephen M. Youndt   	|By the time that we realize that ignorance  |
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