Error-correcting modems & uucp

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Mon Apr 9 01:48:34 AEST 1990

In article <511445 at nstar.UUCP> larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:
>In article <21466 at nuchat.UUCP>, steve at nuchat.UUCP (Steve Nuchia) writes:
>> Run with the speed locked at 19200 and NO flow control, unless it
>> gives you problems with specific neighbors.  The uucp protocol
>In my case, I need flow control since the machine is used for other
>protocols besides UUCP (ie: zmodem, ymodem, sealink and various
>others).  If someone only uses uucp - no flow control
>might work for them - but these other protocols require flow control -
>or let the modem "float" to the connect rate.

Strange; we run our Telebit locked at 19200, with XON/XOFF flow control

When uucp startup occurs, the Telebit appears to automaticlly switch off
flow control for the session (during spoofing).  I know that uucp does in
the device flags, since that can be easily inspected.

This allows lowspeed logins on the Telebit without trouble, and high speed
uucp connections.  It all works.

We >can't< run hardware flow control, since we have an Equinox board, which
doesn't support both it and modem control on the same port.

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