Interactive 386 and PC-Server Module

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Sat Apr 7 12:58:20 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr6.174231.2758 at> pim at (Pim Zandbergen) writes:
>How does PC-Interface compare to PC-NFS with ISC's TCP/IP & NFS ?

PC-NFS takes more memory on the DOS machine, and can't access pipe files.
Thus, no "fast" printer support like we have built for PCI.

Also, I have heard (but not confirmed) that PC-NFS doesn't get along with MS
Windows, which would be a killer.  We >need< that in order to do our desktop

Lastly, PC-NFS is only available from SUN, not ISC.  I hate getting in
finger-pointing battles, and would prefer to buy the software from one
source so I can complain to one place when it doesn't work.

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