prompt in cshell

Jose Reynaldo Setti hazela at
Mon Apr 9 07:31:32 AEST 1990

Some time ago there was a request for a prompt that
would tell where in the subdirectory structure you

This is the way I do it, using the cshell. I wanted to
now whose account and which terminal I am on -- 
in a 386/ix SVR3.2. So I put the following lines in

	set TTY='tty'
	set TTY="'basename ${TTY}'"
	set USER='logname'
	alias cd 'cd \!*; set prompt="${USER}@{TTY}:`pwd`>"'
	cd .

this gives me a prompt like:
root at console:/usr >
jrs at vt1:/usr/jrs/foo >

It should work if I typed all '"'s in the right places. If anycone
knows how to get a similar prompt in a better way, let me know.

jr setti	       hazela at []
the transport group -- dept. of civil engineering -- u of waterloo
waterloo, ontario, canada N2L 3G1

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