Need information on VP/IX or DosMerge ability

Leslie Mikesell les at
Wed Apr 11 05:11:38 AEST 1990

In article <41081 at> support at ism780c.UUCP (Support account) writes:

>The new VP/ix, included with 386/ix V2.2 available in May 1990,
>includes a time configurable printer autoflush option. The VP/ix
>configuration file now contains an autoflush feature which, if
>configured, will cause the printer to automatically flush the print
>buffer every 20 seconds, or at an interval set by the user.

Will it also flush when an application closes the lpt: device as
most lan-aware programs do these days?  Will it support netbios
file-locking etc. when multiple copies are running in the same machine?

Les Mikesell
  les at

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