Message for RON (Re: gdb for SCO Xenix)

Ronald Florence ron at mlfarm.uucp
Thu Apr 12 17:47:18 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr11.232519.18006 at> glenn at (Glenn Geers) writes:

 > From article <1990Apr10..6411 at rdk386.uucp>, by ron at rdk386.uucp (Ron Kuris):
 > > Well, I am about ready to release the final version of 'gdb', the
 > > GNU symbolic debugger for SCO Xenix 386.  Can someone recommend the best
 > > place to send these sources?  We're looking at about 130K of patches,
 > > and I'm still a novice at Usenet, so where would be the best place for
 > > this code?  alt.sources?  Or should I mail a moderator?
 > I have tried to mail you to no avail. The mail bounces at

Alas, my mail to ron at rdk386 also bounces.  I would urge that the gdb
patches be posted either to comp.unix.xenix, where there seems to be
sufficient interest, or to comp.sources.misc.  Many of us do not
receive alt.sources.

Ronald Florence			{yale,uunet}!hsi!mlfarm!ron

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