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Robert Baron rvb at natasha.mach.cs.cmu.edu
Sun Apr 15 13:10:19 AEST 1990

The announcement below was posted to info-mach and comp.os.mach earlier this
week.  It might be time to post it here.

To: info-mach at CS.CMU.EDU
Subject: Mach available for i386
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 90 18:39:27 EDT
From: Mach.Software at WB1.CS.CMU.EDU


  We  have a 80386 version of Mach 2.5 that runs on a number of AT clones; Mach
is being used at CMU on the following machines:  Olivetti M380, Toshiba  T5200,
HP Vectra RS 25C, Intel 301, and Intel 302.

  To  get the Mach 2.5 for the Intel 80386 you need a Mach 2.5 license which in
turn requires source licenses for 4.3BSD and AT&T V3.2.

  We have limited resources for making the  system  more  widely  available  at
present, but are interested in taking on more sites.  To simplify our lives, we
are only making this distribution to sites that can access  the  internet  with

  We only support machines with:
   - Intel 80387 hardware floating point.
   - an AT compatible bus.
   - WD 1007 compatible disk controllers.  The binaries take 30Meg and the
     kernel source another 15Meg.  You should get at least 100Meg of disk.
     We use 300Meg ESDI drives but ST506 drives work [although slowly].
   - Intel  iMX-LAN/586  ethernet board (formerly called PC586 or ENET586)
     or the 3com 501 ethernet board.
   - high density 3  1/2"  or  5  1/4"  floppies  at  1.44Meg  or  1.2Meg,
   - {E,C,V}GA and MONOCHROME displays in 25 x 80 character mode.
   - Wangtek 1/4" standard 3M streamer (optional).
   - The built-in serial line: COM1 (optional).

  We  use  X  on  VGA  at  CMU  and will be distributing it soon.  (It takes up
another 22Meg of disk.)  We have at least 8Meg of memory on all  our  machines.
A  single user system could probably get away with 3Meg or 4Meg unless you were
using X with large bit maps.

   - The microchannel bus: IBM PS 2/70 and PS 2/80 and some NCR machines
   - SCSI disks/tapes/ ...

   - NFS for commercial licensees of NFS

  If your site meets our licensing and hardware requirements,  you  should  ftp
the  Mach  2.5  I386  installation  manual.    You  may  acquire the manual via
anonymous ftp at wb1.cs.cmu.edu; it is stored as:
   - /usr/mach/public/doc/i386_install.{ps,doc}
   - /usr/mach/public/doc/i386_manpages.{ps,doc}

To ftp from CMU:  Ftp to wb1 at cs.cmu.edu (,
as "anonymous", then "cd /usr/mach/public/doc".  You can then use
the standard ftp commands, e.g. get, ls with relative path names for the files.
The articles are available in postscript(.ps) and ascii(.doc).  There is 
an INDEX file available in that directory.

  After reading the manual, if you would like to install Mach 2.5 I386,  please
contact us for more information either at:
	mach at wb1.cs.cmu.edu
mach is read by the Project Manager and the Distribution Coordinator.  or at:
	Mach Project
	c/o Richard F. Rashid
	School of Computer Science
	Carnegie Mellon University
	Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

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