UNIX Driver for Roland MPU-401-IPC

Andreas Gustafsson t31662k at kaira.hut.fi
Thu Apr 12 02:05:18 AEST 1990

In article <1400 at otc.otca.oz> ronb at otc.otca.oz.au (Ron Barrett) writes:
> Does anyone know where I get get my hands on a UNIX driver for a Roland
> MPU-401-IPC that'll be running in a 386 box. SCO Unix/Xenix or 386-ix drivers
> preferred.

A MPU-401 driver for System V 3.2 was posted to the net by Tim
Thompson (tjt at twitch.att.com) some time ago.  I have ported it to SCO
Xenix 386.  If anyone wants the Xenix version, send me mail; if there
is sufficient interest I might post it.  Please note that for SCO Unix
and other non-Xenix systems, Thompson's original driver is probably
more appropriate.
Andreas Gustafsson
Internet: gson at niksula.hut.fi
Voice: +358 0 563 5592

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