USENET manuals

Conor P. Cahill cpcahil at virtech.uucp
Tue Apr 10 10:49:51 AEST 1990

For those of you whom would like to get printed documents for many of the
software packages available via USENET, I have put together a troff formatted
8 1/2 x 5 1/2 manual set containing all of the following:

Manual 1: The user's/programmer's reference Manual (416 pages)

 1. Introduction and permuted index (16 pages)

 2. The following manual pages: (400 pages)
    a2p.1         cpr.1         listalias.1   perl.1        rnmail.1
    afio.1        diffc.1       matches.1     pnews.1       rz.1
    answer.1      diskhog.1     mcc.1         postnews.1    s2p.1
    autoreply.1   dviselect.1   merge.1       printmail.1   sz.1
    btoa.1        elm.1         messages.1    rcs-intro.1   texi2roff.1
    bytesplit.1   fastmail.1    minirb.1      rcs.1         undump.1
    cdecl.1       filter.1      modem_break.1 rcsclean.1    vnews.1
    cfman.1       frm.1         mush.1        rcsdiff.1     waitfor.1
    checkalias.1  gcc.1         newalias.1    rcsfreeze.1   which.1
    checknews.1   grep.1        newmail.1     rcsmerge.1    wnewmail.1
    ci.1          ident.1       newsetup.1    readmsg.1     zcmp.1
    co.1          inews.1       newsgroups.1  readnews.1    zless.1
    compress.1    less.1        patch.1       rlog.1        zmore.1
    compressdir.1 lesskey.1     pcomm.1       rn.1
    ftw.3        getdate.3    scanargs.3   scandir.3
    news-b.5    news.5      newsrc.5    rcsfile.5
    dcheck.8      inews.8       nohog.8       recnews.8     sendnews.8
    expire-b.8    newsaux.8     pathalias.8   relaynews.8   uurec.8
    expire.8      newsbatch.8   pexpire-b.8   rnews.8
    fsanalyze.8   newsmail.8    pexpire.8     sendbatch.8

Manual 2: The user's/programmer's reference guide (596 pages)
 1. B News: Copyright, How To Read the Network News, Installation guide,
 	    How to use Usenet Effectively,  Usenet Messages standard
 2. C News: Installation, The Interface Between C News and the Outside
 3. Elm:    User guide, Reference guide, Config guide, Alias Users guide,
 	    Filter System guide, Forms Mode Guide
 4. GNU:    gnu-cpp, gnu-cc, gnu-gdb, gnu-make gnu-tar
 5. Pcomm:  Pcomm Reference Manual
 6. RCS:    Design paper, Functions of RCS

This was all printed using eroff (a third party DWB package for 386/ix that
includes HPlaserjet and postscript support) on a Panasonic Laser Partner.
I have spent about 60 hours (and a full box of paper) going over all the
documentation to ensure that it formatted correctly for the reduced size

	(BTW-Someone asked if I really printed all 200,000 pages on my laser
	 printer - the answer is no way jose.  I just printed the original
	 and had the printer do the replicating)

The price, including shipping, is as follows:

				Virginia	Continental	Hawii/Alaska
						   US		   Canada
Manual set			$42.60		$41.00		   $46.50
Manual set with binders		$55.64		$53.50		   $59.00

Please note that this pricing is only "cost-recovery" pricing.  We are not
making any profit on the deal.

To order a copy:

	Send a check, money order, whatever to

		Virtual Technologies Inc.
		46030 Manekin Plaza, Suite 160
		Sterling VA 22170.

	Make sure you include the following:

		1. the check/money order made out to Virtual Technologies
		2. Your street address (UPS will not deliver to a pobox)
		3. Your uucp mail address in case I need to get in touch
		   with you.

Conor P. Cahill            (703)430-9247        Virtual Technologies, Inc.,
uunet!virtech!cpcahil                           46030 Manekin Plaza, Suite 160
                                                Sterling, VA 22170 

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