Problems with UUCP and Telebits

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Mon Apr 9 05:18:42 AEST 1990

In article <3714 at thebes.Thalatta.COM>, campbell at Thalatta.COM (Bill Campbell) writes:
> I don't remember the part number of the later uart chips, but replacing
> your COM1 board is probably your only alternative to get as high as
> 9600 on COM1.

16550A - but the driver needs to support the FIFO buffer in the chip
in order to do much good.

When I was running SCO Xenix (2.3.2) '386 with a dumb 8 port Comtrol
Hostess board - I had 4 high speed modems running full bang 
(1600 cps on the HST modems, 1400 on the PEP and 940 cps on the
V-Series) without *ANY* problems other than the loading - but the
modems could keep up without problems.   Under Unix (386/ix) with
their supplied drivers (even the X5 upgraded one) I could barely keep
one modem running at 2400 baud without loosing characters.

My solution - smartcards (that's a whole story in itself).  
Currently I am running with a Computone Intelliport smartcard with
a 80186 processor to handle the IO.  I now have the same throughput
under 386/ix that I did using the dumb card under Xenix - except the
system isn't overloaded - as a matter of fact - with all 4 modems
going full blast - response is such that you can't even tell the
serial lines are in use.

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