Adaptec ESDI controller under ix/2.0.2

Bruce M Ong DeadHead at
Thu Apr 12 12:13:00 AEST 1990

I wrote a day ago:
>Has anybody tried to instal InterActive 2.0.2 for a 158MB maxtor with
>an adaptec ACB-2322B controller? I installed the software from the
>boot diskette, and it went fine. But when I tried to boot from the
>hard disk, it hung (nothing on screen, not even "Booting UNIX...") with
>both the harddisk and the floppy disk spinning. I have the disk pre-formatted
>w/o translation, buffersize on the adaptor card=8K (as InterActive tech
>support suggested)... but, alas, no luck. 
>Any hints would be appreciated, thanks!

I found the problem: we are using a mylex motherboard, and the bios on
the mylex motherboard could not boot the unix. I changed the bios to the
latest from AMI, and it worked. Dont know if it was a combination of mylex/
Adaptec, or if it was just because of the Mylex bios alone.

Another question: On this new system I am trying to set up, I need to install
TCP/IP package. The e-card is a 3C503. The installation manual says you
have to tell the configuration table the starting and ending shared memory
address in order to set it up correctly (along with interrupt levels, etc).
But I want to disable the shared memory option (we need the transcient
memory for something else). How can this be done for the InterActive/ix?
Should I just use 0 and 0 like you would for a 3C501?

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