How do you get TIMEZONE, TZ etc etc to work in

Greyham Stoney greyham at hades.OZ
Tue Apr 10 11:31:03 AEST 1990

We're having lots of trouble trying to get any sense out of the timezone
configurations for ISC 386/ix. The manual isn't too much help, although it
explains TZ format for /etc/TIMEZONE, we can't work out when /etc/TIMEZONE
is supposed to be read - it doesn't seem like it's being read at all at
the moment.

The problem is possible complicated because we are in the Easter Hemisphere.
We've come up with the following string for TZ, and stuck it in /etc/TIMEZONE,
but /etc/TIMEZONE doesn't seem to be read ever. Doing a setenv TZ as per
below works; but then some programs barf of the hugely complicated TZ string:

Our /etc/TIMEZONE:

	export TZ

The manual doesn't specify how to handle the eastern hemisphere (we do exist
you know!), and we aren't sure if the negative difference values we've used
will work - 'date' seems to handle it ok, but other programs aren't too
convinced. Using Julian days for Daylight saving is a pain too since the
change is always on a Sunday morning, so it's going to be different each year,
and obviously the American dates are useless to us.

Has anyone else had trouble with Timezone settings and stuff?. Anyone able to
tell me when /etc/TIMEZONE is read, and how the system works in general?.

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