Bad Sectors in ISC

Conor P. Cahill cpcahil at virtech.uucp
Sat Apr 7 12:31:23 AEST 1990

In article <511429 at nstar.UUCP> larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:
>In article <366 at comcon.UUCP>, tim at comcon.UUCP (Tim Brown) writes:
>>     badsec = ( 206123,
>>                206357)
>> You also have to list the bad sectors here as well or they will come back
>> to haunt you.  I got this from ISC themselves.
>I thought the same also, but according ISC (in Colorado) the /etc/partitions
>file is only used to initially install the drive - and after the drive has
>been up and running this file is never used.

This file is used for most, if not all, of the mkpart(1M) operations.  If
you didn't list bad sectors in the table, them probably would not come
back to haunt you, but it sure is nice to have a "text" copy of the 
bad sectors available.

Of course, you can use the mkpart option to generate a new partitions file
after you have marked the bad sectors.

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