Ventura Publisher under uport dosmerge

Dave Remien dave at pmafire.UUCP
Thu Feb 15 03:01:14 AEST 1990

In article <469 at everex.UUCP> jde at everex.UUCP (-Jeff Ellis) writes:
>I have run Ventura with VP/ix under ESIX Rev. C.
>I have tried the pro additions also. I have not seen any problems,
>well...... printing takes a long time!

VP/IX at Rev 1.1.1 still has the old same problem of only doing
output to the lp process every MAXSLICE clockticks. When you install
VP/IX now, they set MAXSLICE from the default of 100 to 25, but you can
get marginally improved printer output rate (still have to do that silly
printer flush garbage) by setting MAXSLICE to 15 or so. I didn't get any
better rate by going to 10, anyway.

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