Trying to get BASH going.

Rock Kent rock at rancho.uucp
Tue Feb 20 18:02:42 AEST 1990

I've been trying the get the GNU Bourne Again Shell (BASH) to compile
on a Microport V/386 system.  I'm currently failing the compile in
nojobs.c at line 169 with an illegal lhs of assignment operator:
	  status.w_termsig = 0;
This apparently conflicts with line 22 of jobs.h:
          #define w_termsig bytes.low & 0x7f

As you can probably tell, I'm not a C programmer.  I tried compiling
under both cc and gcc (Greenhills).  I would appreciate help on this
one from someone who has the BASH up and running under some i386

*Rock Kent    rock at rancho.uucp        POB 8964, Rancho Sante Fe, CA. 92067*

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