ranting on serial I/O cards

Eric Schnoebelen eric at egsner.cirr.com
Wed Feb 21 07:10:07 AEST 1990

In article <1990Feb19.134803.6464 at twwells.com> bill at twwells.com
(T. William Wells) writes:
- I'm using APT Technology's HSS08 (8 16550As) with Jim Murray's
- free serial driver and a Telebit. No fuss, no muss, no system
- lockups, and most everything you might want as well. The card was
- very inexpensive too, though rumor says that they've raised the
- price.

        I too am using the HSS08 from APT Technology.  I am rather
pleased with it.  I am currently using APT's drivers for release 3.2
based 386 Unixen, with fairly good success.

- I can't say anything about customer support because I never
- needed any.

        I have been in contact with APT's customer support, and I can
say they are very good, and very responsive.  Case in point, I sent a
bit of e-mail about a problem I had while installing the driver, and the
following afternoon I received a phone call requesting more info.  After
providing them with all the needed info, they were able to provide
several ideas to try.  But before I even had a chance to try them, I
received another call saying that they had located the problem, and told
me how to fix it.  This second call occurred after normal business
hours.  That's what I would call service!

	Just a satisified customer.
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