XBBS 7.85

Alphacm sjz at ucla-an.UUCP
Sat Feb 3 04:35:06 AEST 1990

Version 7.85 is now online for downloading. This version was made due to
MANY requests of other XBBS sites. The following two enhancements have been

1) Whenever a message is sent to a user, the name is now verified. Two
   aliases are allowed: Sysop and All. If Sysop is used as the first name,
   the code will automatially substitute the real name of the Sysop. If All
   is used as the first name, All Users will be substituted.

2) If the upload path is NOT in the same filesystem as the bbs users' home
   directory ( for kermit, zmodem, and ymodem-batch ), the code will do
   a Unix style mv instead of a link/unlink move.

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