1542 booting with 2372 as secondary controller

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Mon Feb 19 05:52:06 AEST 1990

In article <511196 at nstar.UUCP> larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:
>I recently added a 1542A smart SCSI board and SCSI drive to nstar - and
>am currently booting off the 2372B, and have the kernel built (running
>386/ix 2.02) supporting the 1542 as the secondary controller.  Is there
>any way to configure the system to boot off the SCSI drive, and use
>the drives connected to the 2372B additional drives?

Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be possible, at least not from the

I suppose one could hack around in the HPDD configuration to make this work,
IF you jumper the 2372 for secondary address so the Adaptec doesn't see it
during power-on.

Now if you go to the trouble to do this, then it should be possible to do
what you're looking for.  Whether that's something you want to undertake is
another matter entirely.

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