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Fri Feb 9 15:43:25 AEST 1990

In article <1612 at aber-cs.UUCP>, pcg at aber-cs.UUCP (Piercarlo Grandi) writes:
> By the way, the 2372B is one of those few well designed
> controllers that have jumpers to enable/disable the BIOS, the
> floppies, and to relocate the IO ports; I am hard pressed to
> think of any other RLL controller (or MFM) that you can as
> easily configure as second controller.

Used to be, and if you can find it.  It seems in their infinite wisdom
some dum dum at Adaptec decided the 2372B was not good enough or they
decided to reduce construction costs, so it was changed. (A hypothesis).
Now there is the the 2372C.  The problem... well the alternate
interrupt jumper is no longer present (They did leave edges D6 and D7 so at
least you just have to hack the card and not your motherboard to pick up
the alternate interrupt).  And, no more disable floppy jumper. Now we are
even harder pressed to find a MFM or RLL thats easily configured. On the
positive side the alternate floppy address jumper is still there and just
putting a jumper on here without the jumper for "disable floppy" seemed to
create no interrupt conflict problems. (If it did you could just cut
the interrupt trace anyway of course).

Also the construction seems real real flimsy.  The board flexes real easy
and the bracket is as pliable as an aluminum can.  As a matter of fact,
the first controller the distributor sent me didn't even work, unheard
of in the die-hard 2372B.

I did call tech support to ask about the reason for the jumper removal, but
it has only been two days so I havn't received my call back yet.  They have
limited support hours.

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