NCAR Graphics availability for X11R3 (esp. ISC 386/ix)?

Marcus O. Ertle mre at
Thu Feb 15 07:16:04 AEST 1990

Does anyone know if the NCAR Graphics package is available under
X11R3?  I am especially interested in whether this is available for
PC/UNIX systems - preferably ISC 386/ix.  I would prefer an 
"X-version" - but would also like to know if only "non-X-versions" are 
out there.  Any comments from users of this system on PC/UNIX-platforms
are welcome.  Finally, I would like to know pricing/order-address -
if available.

Item 2.  What FORTRAN's are people using on their PC/UNIX systems?
My sales-rep. talks about LPI-FORTRAN.  Anyone have any good/bad
experiences with this compiler?

Please E-mail responses to: mre at 
Thanks for any help.

- Marc

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